Walmart received an exclusive launch window for a limited-edition flavor of Coca-Cola Co.'s Powerade tying in to next summer's 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The account-specific effort is an overlay to Coca-Cola's partnership with EA Sports for the latter's Sept. 29 launch of FIFA 18 that includes Coca-Cola's first-ever in-game advertising spot as well as promotional packaging for a new "blue raspberry cherry" flavored Powerade. 

At Walmart, the SKUs are stocked on an endcap outfitted with a corner wrap. Standees positioned in the entertainment department promote the flavor and the game, along with an exclusive sweepstakes awarding 50 FIFA 2018 games for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Consumers enter from Sept. 1 to Oct. 15 by purchasing two 20- or 32-ounce Powerade beverages at the retailer and submitting qualifying receipts via text message or email. Text entrants also receive a code redeemable for an in-game bonus. Display ads running on support.

Select Walmart stores exclusively stocked the blue raspberry cherry Powerade through Oct. 2, after which it rolled out to Family Dollar and Circle K, according to a post on Reddit. It will launch nationally in January, the post indicated.

In the FIFA 18 game, main character Alex Hunter signs an endorsement deal as a Coca-Cola brand ambassador and films an in-game commercial that all players will see. (See video below.) Coca-Cola also is sharing the spot via social media and on outdoor digital signage.