Placing an emphasis on healthy living, Walgreens has repositioned and relaunched its Nice! private label.

The retailer posted a YouTube video on June 15 that introduced the "new Nice!" and labeled it as "Simple. Honest. Delicious."

While identifying the private label as encompassing 1,000 products in 25 categories, the video focuses exclusively on food & beverage products and does not mention the Nice! products in other categories (e.g., household items).

The food and beverage products are organized in three tiers: everyday, premium and organic.

Redesigned packaging includes a new brand logo employing a prominent, lowercase and cursive "nice!" within a circle along with the words "Simple," "Honest" and "Delicious" in a different, smaller font.

Additionally, packaging labels carry a variety of symbols and claims reflecting the products' ingredients — including but not limited to heart healthy, cholesterol free, gluten free and low sodium.

In its Barrington, IL, store, Walgreens promoted the relaunched brand with in-aisle signage that was a few feet wide and the full height of its gondola.

At checkout, the retailer is printing receipt ads that declare that its Good & Delish private label "is now Nice! premium."

Walgreens first introduced its Nice! private label in the summer of 2011.