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Upgraded Benefit for Path to Purchase Institute Members!

All Path to Purchase members now have upgraded trial access to a cutting-edge technology from 3M, and will receive a 50% rebate off the purchase price for one 12-month unlimited-use subscription.

What is VAS?

3M Visual Attention Software (VAS) is a web-based software tool that helps your creative win the first glance, and helps get your creative approved.

VAS simulates an early phase of human vision and predicts what people are likely to notice when they first glance at your creative, but before they're aware of what they're looking at.

Upload your designs, photos, or mock-ups to your VAS portfolio to analyze them and get 5 VAS reports in just 20 seconds. VAS helps you:

  • Gain concensus on visual priorities.
  • Guide design decisions and support recommendations with science.
  • Streamline the review and approval process by reducing subjective feedback.
  • Audit in-store scenes to identify attention-getting areas and objects.
  • Pitch new projects and customers.

Upgraded Premium Details

  • All Path to Purchase Institute  members now get two (2) full VAS credits to analyze two images and download the PDF report and image JPGs.
  • All Path to Purchase members now get a 50% rebate when purchasing one 12-month unlimited-use subscription.  The final price for the 12-month subscription is only $294.  Path to Purchase Institute users must purchase online.

What You Need To Do

A VAS account has been created for every registered P2PI member. A welcome email was sent from 3M to your email address with a link to create a password.

So, you just need to sign in at http://vas.3M.com/P2P/. Your email address is your username.

If you can't find the welcome email, please contact us at [email protected] and ask for a password reset.  You'll receive a new email to confirm your account and get started.

Use VAS Within Your Workflow

VAS provides five results in just 20 seconds, plus downloadable reports and images.

Science Inside

VAS simulates human vision when we first glance at an image or scene, but before we're aware of what we're viewing. VAS is calibrated against actual eye tracking studies and comparisons to academic image databases in the first 3-5 seconds of viewing.

Here's our Validation Study

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