Rite Aid tied in to Procter & Gamble’s March 4 brandSaver FSI event with four features in its concurrent circular offering loyalty cardholders:

  • $10 in wellness+ BonusCash with purchase of $30 worth of brands including Crest, Olay, Tide, Bounty, Charmin and Always.
  • $5 in wellness+ BonusCash with purchase of $25 worth of select Gillette and Old Spice grooming SKUs.
  • 20% off the riteaid.com purchase of at least $34.99 or more of products from brands including Always, Tampax, Oral B, Pampers, Aussie and Vicks.

All features also directed shoppers to Sunday newspapers for complementary coupons.

A leaderboard ad within the e-commerce section of riteaid.com promoted the online deal, while more daily deals, wellness+ points, BonusCash rewards and Load2Card coupons were highlighted under each product. Other eligible brands included Unilever's Dove and Axe and the flagships of Colgate-Palmolive and L’Oreal.

Meanwhile, a “Featured Deals” carousel ad on the drugstore’s home page also dangled discounts and a buy one get one 50% off deal on select P&G products.