Procter & Gamble sent an email to members of its "P&G Everyday" online community on Nov. 22 testing interest in a line of natural cleaning products from its Home Made Simple lifestyle brand. (Originally a website and email newsletter community offering household solutions, the brand also grew to include a sponsored TV series that currently airs on Oprah's OWN network.) The new product line would include dish soap, fabric refresher, dishwasher tabs and laundry detergent that are free of dye and perfume. 

The missive directs users to a website touting "high-performing, simple ingredients." Though the SKUs are not currently available for purchase, the website contains a "buy now" button linking to a page that allows shoppers to rate their interest in the products. 

"We routinely do innovative, small scale research within our databases, including Home Made Simple, regarding the equity and potential for our branded product portfolio, as well as our commercial properties and assets," a P&G spokesperson told the Institute. "In this case, we were understanding the strength and relevancy of one of our commercial assets (Home Made Simple platform). This specific Home Made Simple product concept is not available to ship to any of our US retailers at this time."