From a searchable shopper marketing database to data on retail digital promotion activity to a glossary of shopper marketing terms, the Institute provides tools, reports and resources to give you with the most up-to-date information out there.


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Professional Development Courses

The P2P Leadership University provides structured professional development courses for beginners through seasoned professionals. Courses cover the fundamentals of shopper marketing, the principles of shopper behavior and engagement, the digital shopper marketing landscape, the elements of strategic manufacturer/retailer collaboration and more. The Leadership University is exclusively for Institute members.



Path to Purchase  Glossary

Browse this quick, easy and complete reference tool of shopper marketing vocabulary. It's an essential tool for your library.


3M Visual Attention Service

3M Visual Attention Software

Institute members have access to VAS, a web-based software tool for designers and marketers. VAS can help your creative win the first glance, and help you get creative approved. VAS can be used on packaging, shelf sets, merchandising, advertising, websites, events, and more. P2PI members can try VAS for free, and can receive a 50% rebate on the purchase of an annual subscription.


Special Reports

Special Reports

The Institute produces a variety of print and online publications including collaborative reports, white papers and article series that cover all facets of the shopper marketing industry.


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Online Webinars

Tune in to any number of live, interactive webinars in the I-Seminar series. These brief presentations are led by industry experts and cover current topics, competitive developments and industry innovations.