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It’s coming…the industry’s new content platform for bold strategies that inspire growth.


It’s no secret. The consumer goods industry is experiencing relentless disruption and must develop bold new strategies to evolve. 

That's why Shopper Marketing magazine and Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) will unite in May to bring a stronger voice to the industry—one that offers winning strategies, innovative and provocative content and community interaction.

You’ll experience:

  • Best practices and consumer-centric strategies that drive innovation excellence.
  • Insightful, inspiring perspectives that empower growth.
  • Knowledge and confidence to make the right business decisions quickly.

We've combined CGT's  focus on internal business strategies with Shopper Marketing's engagement-oriented solutions to help companies drive stronger, more sustainable growth.

It's time to finally break down the organizational silos that hinder success and build an end-to-end enterprise.

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