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Path to Purchase IQ  Magazine

Published 12 times a year, Path to Purchase IQ is the only publication dedicated to guiding the industry toward sustainable growth and operational excellence by identifying solutions to the unique challenges of the consumer-centric marketplace. Each month more than 18,000 marketers, manufacturers, agencies and retailers of consumer products or services turn to Path to Purchase IQ to learn about every aspect of the business that impacts consumer purchase decisions, from product ideation and development through the manufacturing and fulfillment processes and right on to the various sales and marketing activities that now drive engagement.


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Path to Purchase IQ Newswire

Delivered every Tuesday to a powerful audience of brands, retailers, agencies and solution providers, Path to Purchase IQ Newswire offers personnel updates, company news, research/data reports, path-to-purchase innovations, co-marketing initiatives across FDM and specialty chains and more.

Special Edition: COVID-19 at Retail: To provide ongoing coverage of the ways in which the coronavirus crisis has affected retailer operations and shopper engagement, Path to Purchase IQ Newswire is running a special edition each Wednesday to deliver all the relevant news and information published in the previous week. 

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CGT Insider

Delivered every Wednesday, CGT Insider offers insights into the latest trends, case studies, best practices and news shaping the deployment and use of technology within the consumer goods organization.


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Global Perspectives on Shopper Marketing

Published by the Path to Purchase Institute with the financial and editorial support of The Coca-Cola Co., Geometry Global and Unilever, Global Perspectives on Shopper Marketing is a unique collection of case studies from around the world presented to inform and inspire retail marketing professionals. The 31 cases in this first-of-its-kind publication were amassed from 18 countries across six continents.

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Special Reports

Special Reports

      Who's Who in Shopper Marketing Agencies 2020

      Coca-Cola Research: Shopper Loyalty Drivers at the Channel Level

      Who's Who in Merchandising 2020 

      Retail Promo Guide 2020

      Who's Who in E-Commerce 2019 

      Who's Who in Insights & Analytics 2019

      2019 Retailer E-Commerce Intelligence (interactive version)

      2019 Retailer E-Commerce Intelligence (PDF only)

      Who's Who in Shopper Marketing 2019

      Who's Who in Digital Marketing 2019   

      Who's Who in Shopper Marketing Agencies 2019

      Who's Who in Merchandising 2019    

      Who's Who's in E-Commerce 2018 

      Who's Who in Insights, Analytics & Data 2018

      2018 Retailer E-Commerce Intelligence

      Who's Who in Shopper Marketing 2018

PDF iconWho's Who in Digital Marketing to Shoppers 2018

PDF iconWho's Who in Shopper Marketing Agencies 2018

PDF iconWho's Who in Merchandising 2018

PDF iconThe Retailer Receptivity Guide 2017

PDF iconWho's Who in E-Commerce 2017

PDF iconThe Digital Shopper Marketing Landscape 2017

PDF iconThe Shopper Marketing Digital Collaboration Playbook 2017

PDF iconWho's Who in Shopper Insights 2017

PDF iconRetail Promo Guide 2017

PDF iconWho's Who in Shopper Marketing 2017

PDF iconWho's Who in Marketing at Leading Retailers 2016

PDF iconWho's Who in Hardware & Home Centers 2016

PDF iconEthnic Marketing Research, Parts I & 2

PDF icon2015 Reference Guide to Ongoing Programs at Top Retailers

White Papers

PDF iconBridging Data's Digital Divide

PDF iconMeeting the Omnishopper Challenge

PDF iconExploring Impulsivity and Online Shopping

PDF iconThe 2016 P-O-P Trends Survey

PDF iconBringing Precision to Conversion Marketing

PDF iconEngaging Shoppers Through Decision Science

PDF iconBest Practices in Retail-Product Packaging

PDF iconIn-Store Marketing Effectiveness: Allocating Investments and Managing Insights

PDF iconMobile Marketing: Strategies for Personalizing the User Experience

PDF iconAt Home with the Path to Purchase

Supplier Guides

      The 2020 Guide to Consumer Engagement Tools 

      The 2020 Guide to Shopper Analytics Solution Providers

      The 2020 P-O-P Manufacturing & Design Solutions Guide

      Digital Shopper Engagement Solutions Guide 2020

      E-Commerce Solutions Guide 2019

      Retail Execution Solutions Guide 2019

      Insights & Analytics Solutions Guide 2019

      The 2019 Guide to Shopper Marketing Agencies

      Digital Incentive Platforms Solutions Guide 2019

      Supply Chain Management Solutions Guide 2019

      AI/Machine Learning Solutions Guide 2019   

      The 2019 Guide to P-O-P Design & Manufacturing Firms

      The 2019 Guide to Digital Shopper Marketing Providers

      The 2019 Guide to E-Commerce Companies

      The 2018 Guide to Retail & Shopper Insights

PDF iconThe 2018 Guide to Shopper Marketing Agencies

PDF iconThe 2018 Guide to Digital Incentive Platforms

PDF iconThe 2018 Guide to P-O-P Design & Manufacturing

PDF iconThe 2018 Guide to Digital Shopper Marketing

PDF iconThe 2018 Guide to E-Commerce

PDF iconThe 2017 Guide to Retailer and Shopper Insights

PDF iconThe 2016 Guide to Shopper Marketing Teams