Our Story

The Path to Purchase Institute is a global member community serving the needs of brands, retailers, agencies and the entire ecosystem of solution providers along the path to purchase.

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Our Mission

The Institute champions shopper-centric thinking and practice that help define the ongoing evolution of consumer marketing and the overall shopping experience. By focusing on the forward-looking challenges and issues confronting our members and the industry at large, the Institute facilitates industry interaction and fosters a deeper understanding of all marketing efforts and touchpoints that influence purchase decisions in-store, online or anywhere along the path to purchase. 

The Institute makes it easy for people to understand what's happening in the shopper marketing industry.

Membership Breakdown

We Are Our Members

Our Path to Purchase Institute membership represents nearly 100% of all CPG Fortune 500 companies and the retail chains that sell their products.

We support top shopper marketing, advertising and promotion agencies and the designers, P-O-P producers, research firms and other solution providers who contribute to successful shopper engagement.

Today, over 400+ companies and 10,000+ individuals rely on the Institute's resources every day for convenient access to competitive insights and the smartest best practices to help them better serve shoppers around the world.

They will tell you that the Institute represents their interests by revealing what's going on in the marketplace; that the Institute is the most credible and robust resource for shopper marketing data and information. And they're right.

The Institute exists to educate individuals and organizations to increase the adoption of the shopper marketing discipline. By continuously collecting, analyzing and distilling information and observations from the U.S. retail scene, we've created the most comprehensive collection of shopper marketing information in the world.




  • We house the most comprehensive shopper marketing portal in the world right here at www.p2pi.org.
  • We publish Path to Purchase IQ magazine, a monthly publication featuring best-in-class case studies, research and trends coverage related to collaborative shopper marketing and consumer engagement.
  • We produce collaborative industry tools including an extensive list of white papers and special reports that help define the shopper marketing industry.
  • We offer access to industry tools like the 3M Visual Attention Service that uses heat map technology to accurately predict areas of viewer interest on displays, ads or promotional materials.



  • We provide organized and specific seminar content at any one of our I-Seminar online webinars or major conferences and events including Path to Purchase i3 and the Path to Purchase Expo.
  • Our P2P Leadership University provides professional development courses via live public events, private "tailored" corporate training or online e-learning methods. Coursework uses "applied learning" techniques to fill critical knowledge and skills gaps required for executives to successfully perform in shopper related roles.



  • Institute members are an engaged community of 10,000+ individuals from over 500 corporations including the leading consumer product manufacturers, retail chains, agencies and solution providers.
  • Our exclusive League of Leaders group meets twice a year in an open forum atmosphere for the candid exchange of ideas, philosophies and strategies.
  • We help the industry overcome obstacles and establish best practices as it grows and evolves - most recently with the development of our Council on Digital Shopper Marketing.


  • We honor and nurture the best and brightest people in the industry with our prestigious Hall of Fame awards, our annual series of Who's Who reports and our growing list of Institute faculty members.
  • We celebrate and acknowledge the most effective shopper marketing efforts of each year by presenting the Design of the Times Awards for the most effective in-store activations or displays, and by partnering with Effie Worldwide to honor winners of the Shopper Marketing Effie Awards for outstanding integrated shopper marketing campaign efforts.


Our History

Since its inception in 2003, the Institute has attracted professionals across all disciplines of shopper marketing. In fact, the true roots of the Institute date back to 1988 with the launch of P-O-P Times magazine, a publication serving the needs of the P-O-P merchandisers and manufacturers.

Gradually, more and more marketers began embracing the idea of shopper marketing – the practice of using strategic insights to drive marketing and merchandising executions. They began to understand that working with and through retail partners was critical to their long-term success. As a result, the Institute was born as the In-Store Marketing Institute, as a dedicated resource covering all touch-points on the path to purchase including the in-store communication and retail activation that are essential to successful shopper marketing efforts.

In 2008, P-O-P Times magazine became Shopper Marketing magazine and in 2011, the Institute followed suit and changed the name on the door from the In-Store Marketing Institute to the Path to Purchase Institute to better reflect the evolving path to purchase.

As each year passes, the Institute continues to provide the most comprehensive look inside online and in-store retail environments and all of the latest ideas and activations that speak to shoppers to provide our members with an invaluable and exceptional experience as part of a community that believes in the power of shopper marketing.

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