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The League of Leaders, an exclusive group of the industry's most influential individuals, is committed to fostering best practices and the understanding of all marketing efforts that culminate at retail, now and in the future, by creating an "open forum" atmosphere for the candid exchange of ideas, philosophies and strategies.

The companies that have been invited — consumer product manufacturers and retailers along with industry partners and vendors — have impressed the Institute with their passion and their prowess in this marketplace. They believe that learning from and collaborating with other industry leaders positively impacts the industry at large.

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League members meet twice a year and present 19-minute "Lightning Lectures" which offer fresh perspectives on the latest issues and challenges affecting the industry. Their insight and analysis provide inspiration for fellow League members, Shopper Marketing magazine and the Institute.

Learn more from an in-depth interview with the Peter Hoyt, the Institute's executive director and CEO, as he explains how the League has grown to be a powerful, guiding force for the Institute and the shopper marketing community: PDF iconLeague Member Directory