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Today's Challenge

In today's shifting retail environment, brand growth and increased ROI stem from a focus on path-to-purchase strategies and activations. To reach shoppers, professionals need to understand the new complexities of shopper behavior and trip expectations, and how to incorporate both into the planning process.

To this end, the Path to Purchase Institute and industry leaders recognized a need for structured training that covered best practices and the processes that culminate with a purchase in-store or online.

Enter… the Path to Purchase Leadership University (P2PLU)

P2PLU's Mission: Provide structured professional development for all path to purchase professionals, regardless of level of experience, in a way that's convenient and immediately applicable to their shopper-centric job role.


How Does P2PLU Benefit You?

P2PLU was carefully crafted, taking your immediate professional needs into account.
  • Learn applicable skills that might otherwise take years to master, returning to your job with a prescribed road map to tackle current brand challenges.
  • Study high-impact content designed from the industry's most established and up-to-date resources.
  • Review proven, best-in-class principles that empower a joint focus between manufacturers and retailers.


P2PLU on-campus trainings are available via two-day bootcamps or one-day, stand-alone events. All trainings are designed to fully emerse you into the core concepts of our curriculum while providing a prescribed way to immediately apply these new skills to your specific role. 


Bootcamp 1.0 (Practitioner Level)

Chicago BootcampThis bootcamp designed to provide you and your team with solid understanding of the organizational discipline of shopper marketing, a working knowledge of shoppers, their behaviors and key principles to engage them. Upon completion you'll know: 
  • What the core principles of shopper marketing are.
  • Which methods are effective when developing and executing shopper marketing strategies and programs. 
  • What some of the best practices in shopper marketing are. 


By attending this 2-day experience you'll also begin the process of earning your Practitioner Level Designation, demonstrating to partners, competitors and clients that you possess industry-leading knowledge and skills. 

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Private Corporate Training

Hosting an exclusive training event lets your organization freely discuss internal issues and immediately begin to apply the course learning to your own specific business needs.  These private sessions are ideal for:

  • Existing shopper team meetings
  • Sales conferences
  • New-hire orientations
  • Dedicated and stand-alone training initiatives










Long-Term Integration

Beyond individual training events, P2PLU can design an ongoing engagement that includes episodic sessions, customized supplementary work and integrated work-based activities — all designed to provide an ongoing program that teaches new concepts but also embeds core learning into the fabric of job needs in highly designed, prescriptive ways.

Private Chart

To design the right custom experience for your organization, contact:


Advisory Services

P2PLU is uniquely and strategically positioned to leverage general industry perspectives to help companies evaluate and define their value and purpose within the marketplace. These Advisory Services stimulate high-level thinking and idea generation to influence how an organization works and help determine how it engages with the market it serves.

While Advisory Services can vary in many ways,  standard offerings include:

  • Executive Forums
  • Vision Setting & Gap Identification
  • Collaborative Planning Acceleration

To understand the value and benefit of P2PLU's consultative offerings, contact:


Professional Industry Designations

While Path to Purchase Leadership University courses can be taken individually as stand-alone learning elements, professionals can choose to complete a more integrated and robust curriculum of study that lets them achieve specific industry designations from the Institute.

By attending a sequence of core courses and completing online assessments, professionals may earn recognized industry designations that confirm their mastery of core competencies.

Participants will receive a certificate of achievement and digital icon badges to indicate completion of a particular course of study.

P2PLU designations in the media: Intel Team Commits to Earning P2PLU Designation

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