If You Go Digital, Merchandising Will Come

1 p.m. CST || December 7, 2017

We have finally reached the point where marketers can use digital coupons as an alternative to print for driving trips and profitable volume. However, brand managers and CPG sales professionals continue to invest in newspaper FSI coupons for merchandising support or to match last year’s volume.  

While nearly every other element within a brand’s marketing mix has migrated to more efficient solutions, promotion strategy has dramatically lagged. The time for change is now. In this session, you will discover that digital promotions not only deliver better volume than FSIs but also offer targeting and efficiencies that can only come from a digital format. The days of coupons being a “necessary evil” are over.

In this session, attendees will:

  • Understand how retailers paved the way for the digital promotion revolution.
  • Learn how retailer purchase data is enabling smarter promotions that lead to CPG ROI efficiencies and higher trial, incremental purchase and basket sizes.
  • Understand how CPGs meet their financial goals by investing in digital and breaking free from FSIs.
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