How to Win on Amazon Grocery: Data-Driven Tips for Grocery Manufacturers to Thrive on Amazon's Digital Shelf

1PM CST || July 24

Grocery brands selling on Amazon need to adapt to Amazon's A9 algorithm that prioritizes relevant, high-converting product pages—much of which is heavily influenced by the product content brands provide.

Recent benchmark data analyzed by Salsify identifies what sets the top-performing product pages apart from the rest. This webinar will take a deeper dive into the grocery benchmark report, providing brands with a verticalized assessment of what content they should focus on to make the largest sales impact, along with additional options to jump start efforts on Amazon Grocery. Attendees will:

  • Learn what content separates top and poor performers on Amazon Grocery by price point.
  • Explore a run down of tactical considerations for grocery brands on Amazon to improve sales and conversions.
  • Review detailed breakdowns of high performing grocery product pages on Amazon.
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