Getting the Top-Notch Purchase Journey Insights You Deserve

1 p.m. CST || July 12, 2018 

Enlightened shopper professionals embrace the foundational value of purchase journey insights. They identify the levers that can be activated to create a shopper touch point and inform vital resource allocation decisions. Yet much of the purchase journey work they are commissioning today is coming up short, addressing a few fundamental questions adequately, but failing to deliver a deeper and more nuanced view of the journey to better inform decision-making and resourcing. 

This session will explore practical approaches that can elevate your journey work into the top echelon by drawing from a multitude of GfK shopper trend-watching resources including the GfK FutureBuy study and Roper Consumer Trends. Attendees will:

  • Discover a macro view of ways that journeys are shifting over past few years: Are triggers changing? What behaviors are rising and falling?  What touch points exert the greatest and weakest influence over final choice?
  • Learn the five “journey insights boosters” and how to apply them for enhanced study impact.
  • Review illustrative examples of successful application each of the boosters will be provided to bring them to life.
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