E-commerce is fundamentally disrupting the path to purchase –and its impact will only accelerate in the coming years.  To address this critical strategic and tactical component, the Path to Purchase Institute has formed the E-Commerce Council, a bi-annual, private gathering of select brand manufacturers, retailers, merchandising firms and other critical solution providers. The E-Commerce Council will:

  • Address best practices, key issues and current obstacles to creating, distributing and measuring e-commerce.
  • Explore the future of e-commerce and the shopping experience.
  • Drive debate, discussion and learning in a one-to-one environment where today’s leaders in e-commerce will advance their knowledge, enhance their relationships and shape the future of the industry.

The Mission: To enable and empower Council members to shape the e-commerce capabilities, strategies and opportunities for their organizations via high impact/action-oriented knowledge and perspective sharing.


Who is on the Council

  • The E-Commerce Council is comprised of leaders from non-competing brand Path to Purchase member companies whose job is to drive e-commerce success.
  • The E-Commerce Council is not for everyone. You must be committed to candid participation in an open-forum atmosphere to effectively advance the objectives of the Council.
  • Two (2) executives from each company will be eligible to participate in E-Commerce Council meetings. Both executives must hold e-commerce focused positions within their company.
  • Admittance to the E-Commerce Council is on first-come, first-serve basis for invited members of the Path to Purchase Institute. A maximum of 20 companies will be included in the Council.

How the Council Works

  • The E-Commerce Council will gather for full sessions twice a year (Feb./Aug.). Council participants must be P2PI members in good standing. Attendance at a minimum of one meeting annually is mandatory to maintain membership in the Council.
  • At these meetings, members will share and debate industry issues to deepen their tactical and strategic understanding of current best practices in e-commerce. They will leave equipped to create impact at their organization.
  • The Council will gather for Auxiliary Sessions twice a year (Mar./Sept.). We encourage Council members to attend one or both of these abbreviated gatherings that will be held in conjunction with the Path to Purchase Summit (March) and the Path to Purchase Expo (Sept.).
  • Council members will be contacted in advance of each session to provide input on topics to include in the full day sessions.
  • The Institute will prepare confidential minutes of the proceedings that will be distributed or shared to each member. General highlights of the topics will help inform the Institute so that we may publish and present ever-more relevant information. No verbatim quotes or attributions from any meeting of the Council will ever be published.

How to Join the Council

The cost to participate in the E-commerce Council is $1,500. This fee covers the cost for up to two (2) executives from your company to attend both Full and Auxiliary Session meetings. It includes all meeting materials and meals served during the meetings. It does not include the cost of travel or lodging.

Call Patrick Hare at (773) 992-4465 or email [email protected] today to learn how your organization can be part of this initiative.