Procter & Gamble commanded upfront demo stations at Walmart over Labor Day weekend to promote its products as "Proudly Made with American Jobs."

Employees manning the stations handed out the September edition of the manufacturer's brandSaver. Signage identified the states in which products such as Pantene shampoo and Febreze air freshener are made, and invited shoppers to send a message via text to "hear the stores behind the products." Participants received a response directing them to, which leads to a promotional YouTube video P&G uploaded in June. (See below.) "Shop now" display ads running on support.

Earlier, P&G also tied in to the Fourth of July holiday by giving out free meals during "Made in America" parking lot events staged at Walmart stores located near P&G manufacturing plants.

The activity is a continuation of previous efforts. Walmart in 2013 pledged to boost domestic manufacturing by sourcing an extra $250 billion in U.S.-made goods over the next decade, and P&G quickly jumped on board by spotlighting its own investment in U.S. jobs. The partners won a 2015 Silver Shopper Marketing Effie Award for the program.

Walmart continues to periodically promote its pledge, most recently with display ads running on websites such as