Lidl At A Glance
  • German-based grocer with U.S. headquarters in Arlington County, VA
  • Stores are 20,000 square feet with only six aisles
  • About 90% of products are private label

German grocer Lidl has arrived in the U.S. with a bang, quickly opening 21 stores on the East Coast since June 15, with another three slated to open by the end of the month. 

The discount chain plans to grow its footprint to 100 stores by next summer, expanding across the East Coast from its current locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Using a model similar to German-based rival Aldi, Lidl boasts that shoppers can expect savings of up to 50% on quality goods and groceries based on price comparison of comparable products sold at leading national supermarkets.

"Lidl is grocery shopping refreshed, retooled and rethought to make life better for all our customers," said Brendan Proctor, president and chief executive officer of Lidl U.S., in a media release. "From our selection of sustainable products, like our certified fresh and frozen seafood, to top quality wines from around the world available at market-beating prices, our team puts extra effort and attention into each product we put on our shelves. When customers shop at Lidl, they will experience less complexity, lower prices, better choices, and greater confidence."

All Lidl stores opening this summer will be newly constructed facilities averaging 20,000 square feet. The Institute recently visited a Lidl store in Wake Forest, NC, to learn more about the retailer. Below is what we found. 

Shoppers are allowed to weigh and package their own nuts via this kiosk. 

National brand and private label baby products are merchandised under in-line and endcap headers depicting owls and giraffes. 

Gondolas and in-line displays stock a robust selection of wines. 

A section of the store is devoted to non-food products such as toys, kitchen appliances and fitness equipment that are available at Lidl for a limited time. 

For the most part, private label products and SKUs from national brands are stocked on shelf trays in aisles.

However, some national brands enjoy secondary merchandising space via pallet displays and floorstands. 

Lights illuminate gum and other confectionery stocked on shelf trays in checkout lanes. 

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