Compare the dwell time and trip frequency of top retail chains in the latest report analyzing consumer visitation patterns for the top retailers in the U.S., powered by location data company InMarket.

In the third quarter of 2019, 7-Eleven rocketed to the lead spot in terms of average trip frequency, with an index of 4.5 as measured by the average number of visits by shoppers per month throughout the quarter. 7-Eleven is sharing the top spot with former solo leader Walmart, whose latest trip frequency index also landed at 4.5. 7-Eleven's aggressive rise to the top makes sense given the seasonality of the convenience store business, with "quick drop-ins" increasing during the summer months. The chain's new position also reflects InMarket's updated methodologies across the board this quarter, specifically changing what is counted as a visit with the intent of providing more actionable insights. 

Regional grocers H-E-B and Publix displayed the strong grip they have on their markets, landing in third and fourth place with frequency indexes of 4.41 and 4.29, respectively. In fifth place, CVS Pharmacy was the most visited drugstore chain in the third quarter with an index of 4.06.

In the pet and home improvement channels, Petco (2.43) maintained its slight edge over rival PetSmart (2.3) while Ace Hardware (2.88) moved from the least visited hardware chain to the most visited, beating out larger competitors The Home Depot (2.65) and Lowe's (2.41). Best Buy dropped down to the very bottom of the list with an index of 2.15, displacing Staples as the "least visited" chain on the ranking. Staples (2.6) not only ditched that title in the third quarter but also recorded more trips than rival Office Depot (2.38).

In terms of dwell time — the average length of time shoppers stay while visiting store locations — 7-Eleven (17.27) and fellow convenience store chains Circle-K (13.04) and Speedway (11.74) continued to bring up the rear of the ranking. Dwell time also dipped across the dollar store and home improvement channels, except at Ace Hardware (28.14). Surprisingly, Amazon Go rose to the top of the rankings with 40 minutes of average dwell time. While the format isn't very large, Amazon has recently been opening additional locations of the checkout-free chain and the long dwell time may be partially due to the novelty factor. 

The full Q3 report with data for more than 45 top U.S. retail chains is attached at right. P2PI members can also view individual retailer snapshots tracked over time within the Market Position and Strategy Overview sections of the retailer profiles.

Check back next quarter as we continue to track the InMarket data and dive deeper into the trends as they develop.