Compare the dwell time and trip frequency (loyalty index) of top retailers in the first of what will be quarterly reports analyzing consumer visitation patterns for the top retailers in the U.S., powered by location data company InMarket. With over 50 million comScore verified monthly users, InMarket uses 100% first-party, always-on data from exclusive direct integrations with popular mobile applications. 

In the first quarter of 2019, Walmart had the highest trip frequency, with a loyalty index of nearly 3.5 as measured by the average number of visits by shoppers per month throughout the quarter. Regional players H-E-B and Publix were right on the behemoth's heels, and were followed by several other grocers. Interestingly, convenience player Amazon Go was only fourth from the end (in a list of 35 retailers) with average monthly visits of 1.36. Staples brought up the rear of our ranking at 1.31.

The office supply chain fared better in terms of dwell time (the average length of time shoppers stay while visiting store locations), coming in fifth at 35 minutes. Large warehouse club chains led in this category, with Costco clocking in at 40 minutes, BJ's at 38 and Sam's Club at 37. Walmart was in ninth place with 34 minutes.

Convenience stores had the shortest trips, though 7-Eleven secured a strong lead over channel competitors with a 23 minute dwell time compared to 17 and 15 minutes for Circle K and Speedway, respectively.

The full Q1 report with data for more than 30 top U.S. retailers is attached at right. P2PI members can also view individual retailer snapshots that will be tracked over time within the Market Position and Strategy Overview sections of the retailer profiles.

Check back next quarter as we continue to track the data and dive deeper into the trends as they develop.