Introducing the League of Leaders 

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Omnichannel commerce is rapidly changing the way consumers, brands and retailers interact. Shopper marketers have been at the forefront of these changes as the discipline best suited to help consumer product manufacturers responde to evolving marketplace dynamics.

By gathering the collective insights of the industry’s most advanced thinkers, the Path to Purchase Institute’s League of Leaders delivers incredible benefits to its participants while simultaneously empowering the Institute to be a catalyst for making the entire marketplace more vibrant, robust and healthy.

Membership in the League of Leaders is extended to a select group who believe we can help drive the global understanding and acceptance of shopper marketing. This group is an elite mix of forward-thinking individuals representing all major industry segments: Agencies, Consumer Product Manufacturers, Consultants, Field Forces/Retail Execution, Packaging Firms, Path-to-Purchase (Digital, Mobile & Other Path to Purchase Media), P-O-P Firms, Research Organizations and Retailers.

League of Leaders 2020 Spring Meeting 
May 6, 2020
Chicago, IL

How the League of Leaders Works

We encourage members to participate in both of the year's League of Leaders meetings where members are able to share industry insights, trends analysis and ideas in small and large group discussions.  

Nineteen-minute "Lightning Lecture" presentations are an instrumental format used to explore critical industry topics. League members provide suggestions for topics they feel are the most critical, important and compelling. A steering committee reviews these recommendations to help develop content and discussion points. League members are invited to submit a presentation proposal for any of the topics to present at the upcoming meeting. Small breakout discussions will supplement the learning and interaction surrounding the chosen topics for agiven meeting.

Who Participates in the League and Why?

The League of Leaders is designed for individuals and companies that are both positioned and predisposed to take strategic leadership roles within the shopper marketing industry. Our editorial staff, advisory board and senior management access many factors in determining which companies are best suited to support the Institute – and the industry – through this program.

Approximately 50% of the League will be brands and retailers and the other 50% are solution providers/suppliers. Each of these industry segments will be represented by 5-8 companies: agencies, consumer product manufacturers, consultants, field forces/retail execution, packaging firms, path-to-purchase (digital, coupons, mobile, sampling, etc.), P-O-P firms, research organizations and retailers.

The League of Leaders is for organizations that are strategically aligned to help grow the industry and are personally committed to an “open forum” atmosphere and candid participation to effectively advance the goals of the League. Only 5-8 companies per industry segments (agencies, consumer product manufacturers, consultants, field forces/retail execution, packaging firms, path-to-purchase, P-O-P firms, research organizations and retailers) will be selected for the League and only 1-2 senior executives from each member company can participate. This collective group of minds will be committed to identifying best practices and deepening the understanding of all marketing efforts that culminate at retail. Those invited to join the League don’t just follow the path to purchase; rather, they pave the path to purchase. Put simply, you have to be excellent – and you have to stay excellent.

What Now?

Learn more about participating in the League of Leaders by calling Patrick Hare at (973) 885-5334.