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Welcome to the redesigned website. We hope Institute members enjoy the extensive changes and enhancements we've made for this version.

Among the highlights:

  • New Navigation System. Primary site navigation is now delivered through dropdown menus located in the blue header bar at the top of each page. This bar also houses the primary search system and provides direct links to our profiles of key retailers and many other topic pages.
  • Unified Search System. The previously separated Article and Image Vault search pages have been combined into one unified system. The search results screen now integrates both images and articles while automatically displaying the most relevant filtering options in the left column. These one-click filters allow users to hone in on images only, articles only, or many other topical classifications. As with the prior site, pop-up galleries of displays and promotional activity may be launched by clicking on any image thumbnail that appears in the right column. (More search tips.)
  • New Topical Pages. We've added four entirely new categories of pages that assemble articles, images, promotional activity and videos for a wide range of topics. See the following dropdown menus in the blue header bar above for examples of these new pages:
    • Manufacturers
    • Trends/Seasonal
    • Tactics
    • Products
  • Home Page. The left column of the redesigned home page presents the Institute's daily Field Reports on shopper marketing activity. The tinted center section contains a rotating selection of feature articles and special reports, most of which require Institute membership to view. Underneath that area are recent briefs on promotional activity from top retailers and manufacturers. The right column is devoted to Institute announcements, followed by recent videos and displays.
  • Enhanced 'Favorites' System. Members can now save their favorite searches as well as images and articles. Clicking on the small flags that appear alongside an item adds it to the "My Favorites" page found on the left side of the top menu bar.
  • Job Mart. Institute members may now post free job mart listings themselves.
  • Shopper Marketing Glossary. Each entry in our glossary now has a separate page, paving the way for us to add additional content and features as necessary.
  • Events Calendar. We've cleaned up the look and called out our own events for easy reference.

We hope you enjoy the changes. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have about the new site.

The Institute Staff

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